How to become a defending champion in chess?

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Remote Chess Academy (RCA) is very happy to announce that its new course is almost ready – it’s called “Defending Champion”.


As you can learn from the title of the course, this course deals with one of the most important topics of the chess game – defense. The authors of this course are FM Marko Makaj (our guest coach) and myself (Igor Smirnov).


The course will be released soon, so please stay tuned! 🙂 Meanwhile, let’s talk more about this topic and have a little preview of the course.


Nowadays, many chess players face huge problems when it comes to defending the position when the opponent is attacking.
Defending in ChessWhile contemplating about this topic, we’re faced with the following questions:


  • How to create a solid repertoire against an attacking player?
  • When to defend and when to ignore opponent’s attack/idea?
  • Do you always have something ‘better’ not to resign?
  • How to stop losing initiative/material?
  • How to make counter-attack (instead of just defense)?
  • and the list goes on..


But the main question is “How to make a perfect defense or fortress?” – like the one we’ve seen in the recent World Championship match where Karjakin showed off his extraordinary defensive skills. 🙂


All your questions and doubts will be cleared in the upcoming course. Meanwhile, we’d like to offer you a small preview of the course to help you be prepared for the course. 🙂 You can watch the video below:

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Comments: 7

Comments 7

  1. Awesome news. Not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for a course on defence forever. It’s always been my biggest weakness. When the game is equal, or if I have some advantage, I play fine, but as soon my opponent starts creating pressure, I crumble. It’s awful, because in such positions I always see three or four good moves for my opponent and yet none for me.

    Back when you did your first webinar, I was hoping that was a teaser for an eventual course on proper chess defence. It took a few years, but we’re finally getting it.

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      We are glad that you like the topic of the course.
      Stay tuned for more new about it’s release.

      Prasaadh | Support

  2. dear igor sir thanks for this course this is going awesome fm marko makaj and you are the best coaches you fulfilled my wish thanks for that and makaj is very good in explaining extraordinary concepts and other things thanks sir that you don’t work with lilov or maxim dlugy for this course they don’t explain things clearly.

  3. dear sir i had recently contacted mr john bartholomew who is an international master and he is in london classic right know he is also very fantastic coach and player it is my suggestion to please invite him to remote chess academy thanks

      1. okk sir thanks he is also a great coach and player he had played lots of ims and gms and beaten them in standard time control and he also explains though process behind his moves.

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