How to become an Olympic Champion? (part-2)

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In the end of the previous issue I gave you a task.

Black’s turn.

Obviously black needs to finish his development. However, it is not that easy to do it practically. If black develops the bishop, white can respond Ra7 or e6 with a strong pressure.

That’s why black decided to develop his king! 20…Ke7!
20…Kd7 is not possible, because of 21.e6. That’s why 20…Ke7 is the best move, although it looks very sudden.
In the game there followed:

21.Ra6-Ke6! 22.Rc6-Kd5 23.Rc7-Bc5

Black finished the development successfully and saved his material advantage.

If you want to see this game until the end – you can download it in *.pgn format:


I have prepared one more task for you from the last Olympiad:

Here is the task for you: find the best move for black and calculate the following variations.

For those who studied the course “How to Beat Titled Players” it should be quite simple. This game is a good illustration to the 3rd lesson’s ideas.

When you find the solution – download the whole game in *pgn format here:

Enjoy it!

The note: If you don’t know how to open *.pgn files – download “Pgn viewer” program:

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Comments: 588

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