How to defend a position successfully?

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No chess player would like to be put in a situation where he has to find a strong defense against the opponent’s attack. But the truth is that we all have to learn how to defend successfully, even if we don’t like it (unless you want to lose the game).

In order to defend successfully, you need to know some important ideas and rules that strong players know. What are these rules? That is exactly what Angelos Kesaris will share with you today.

But before getting into the video lesson, take a look at this position below.

Chess Defense

Black to play

White just played 18.Rxf5, taking Black’s pawn on f5. And that seems like a solid attack from White, taking advantage of the fact that Black’s king is in the center. What would you do here as Black? Would you accept the sacrifice? How to defend this position as Black?

After calculating all possible variations, you can watch the video lesson below and learn how to defend successfully. Don’t forget to watch the video till the end because there’s an interesting puzzle for you. 😊

You can find the PGN of the game analyzed and the puzzle shown in the video below:

P.S. Do you want to learn how to play strong attacking chess? Watch this beautiful game of powerful moves and amazing sacrifices – “How to play aggressive chess?”

Comments: 2

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