How to Defend like Paolo Maldini


Paolo Cesare Maldini is an Italian former professional footballer who played as a left-back and central defender for A.C. Milan and the Italian national team. He helped his team win dozens of trophies and, for sure, he has some top secrets and extraordinary defensive skills.
Paolo Maldini defenseYou need to have similar defending skills in chess with your king! Indeed, the king must play an active defensive role in the game in order to help the rest of the team, the remaining pieces, to play actively and win the game at the end of the day.

This is the reason why I’m writing this article today, in order to share with you my secrets and, at the end of the lesson, hopefully, you can defend well! 😊

Do you ever wonder why it’s important to castle your king? You may be aware of this move, because it’s very important and almost all the players in the world perform this defensive formation. The main reason is to put our king behind our pawns, so it has protection.

But hundreds of years ago, top chess players already knew that sometimes, the king also feels quite safe behind the opponent’s pawns! This is exactly the technique which I’d like to share with you today and, if you master it, then you’ll improve your defensive skills a lot. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


A former world champion, Alekhine, used this method to protect his king. Can you spot it?


This technique can be accomplished even if you are playing against a former world champion. How would you play as White?

Learn the psychology of defense from the World Championship game between Carlsen and Karjakin.


White’s king is under attack. How should White proceed?


Here comes a more complicated example –you need to find the right defensive plan for White.  Please, study the above position and find the best move for White.


Here comes the final and most complex example. White is attacking brutally and Black should defend. Please, put your feet on your football shoes, like Paolo Maldini and try to find the best defensive series of moves for Black.

Then, you can check the PGN file with the solution. Good luck! 😊

P.S. Did you find this lesson useful? Are you a football fan? Who is your favourite? Please comment below.
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