How to Eliminate Blunders?

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Recently “ChessMate” (which is the biggest paper chess magazine in India) published my new lesson “How to Prevent Blunders”.

If you live in India – check out the September and November issues of “Chess Mate”.

At the same time I want that ALL the students can learn this important lesson. So I’ve just recorded a video about the same topic for you.

Part-2 of this lesson: LINK

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Comments: 46

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  1. This is very very very wonderful lesson, thanks so much our teacher GM Igor Smirnov….and for big benefit I advise review lesson ( how to prevent blunders) and the course ( calculate till mate)..

  2. I learned a tip today. Would you mind if I ask about methods on avoiding lengthy calculation and still make good moves to win games-because I am poor at calculation

  3. Thanks Igor, as is filtered in many countries , I would be very much grateful if as previous videos a download link is also added, Thanks again

    1. calculate till mate its amazing great also even I’m not done with it , I won a great game with calculation because now I look to moves that are look very bad and calculate them 🙂

  4. Dear Teacher You are realy amazing.I live in pakistan .i also want to read it .please tell me website or link of that lesson how to prevent blunders.i will be realy greatfull to you!!

  5. very good indeed, I’ve been reading books and watching videos on chess, but nothing is so effective like your lessons, thanks Igor!

  6. I am interested with all of your lessons but the question is can you guarantee that I will be able to be a 2700+ chess player without bribing any folks? I only see folks with low rating that comment in your site and that is the reason to doubt it ok?

  7. Hi Igor…i have watched all of your videos and those were fantastic. I have learned so much by watching your videos. Can you please make a list of books?

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