How to Eliminate Blunders?

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Recently “ChessMate” (which is the biggest paper chess magazine in India) published my new lesson “How to Prevent Blunders”.

If you live in India – check out the September and November issues of “Chess Mate”.

At the same time I want that ALL the students can learn this important lesson. So I’ve just recorded a video about the same topic for you.

Part-2 of this lesson: LINK

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  • Dennis


  • Dagmar

    Thank you for your beautiful lesson!

  • Uwe

    Thank You! Very instructiv

  • marwanredman123

    This is very very very wonderful lesson, thanks so much our teacher GM Igor Smirnov….and for big benefit I advise review lesson ( how to prevent blunders) and the course ( calculate till mate)..

  • Barry

    No video was presented with your email!

  • Lakshmi

    Thanks…very helpful….

  • adelmo isidro

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful lesson!

  • Aleks

    Cool lesson!

  • Bujor

    Igor, you are the MAN! Thank you!!!!!

  • user123

    Thank you very much GM Smirnov!

  • casimiro

    thanks, very good

  • ashrar

    thank you too much

  • Ralph Macanas

    I learned a tip today. Would you mind if I ask about methods on avoiding lengthy calculation and still make good moves to win games-because I am poor at calculation

  • dinamis

    thanks you for your lessons it was very good

  • Ali

    Thanks Igor, as is filtered in many countries , I would be very much grateful if as previous videos a download link is also added, Thanks again

    • Try using Tor browser (you can find it in the internet easily).

  • I have a complete course about calculation, and all appropriate techniques are presented there:

    • Dennis

      calculate till mate its amazing great also even I’m not done with it , I won a great game with calculation because now I look to moves that are look very bad and calculate them 🙂

  • mayank joshi


  • Mudasir Iqbal

    Dear Teacher You are realy amazing.I live in pakistan .i also want to read it .please tell me website or link of that lesson how to prevent blunders.i will be realy greatfull to you!!

  • [email protected]

    congratulation with your How to Prevent Blunders in chess magazine in India , well done I think even Anand can still learn from U:U really know anything/automatic everything in chess 🙂

  • apostolis

    thank you very much….

  • ivan.maxmillian

    Thanks very much,,,, an amazing video

  • ivan.maxmillian

    be grateful with you!

  • Lucio

    very good indeed, I’ve been reading books and watching videos on chess, but nothing is so effective like your lessons, thanks Igor!

  • Ralph Macanas

    Thanks A lot

  • Jaypee Dumaguit

    thanks you so much..

  • Piko

    Thanks a lot. It was very helpfull !

  • Anonymous


  • Showkat

    youtube is close in our there another way to watch the video?

  • Antonio Enriquez

    awesome very helpful

  • Tawi

    I am interested with all of your lessons but the question is can you guarantee that I will be able to be a 2700+ chess player without bribing any folks? I only see folks with low rating that comment in your site and that is the reason to doubt it ok?

  • sofiane hamam

    hi i want to know ho to calculate variations and moves and how to rise my abylity at that ?

  • cuber

    Hi Igor…i have watched all of your videos and those were fantastic. I have learned so much by watching your videos. Can you please make a list of books?

    • RCA_moderator


      GM Smirnov has a busy schedule but I’ll try to help you.
      GM Smirnov courses in offer not only books but also video lessons, practical tasks, bonus materials and more!

      Kind regards,

      Manuel / Student Support Officer

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