How to make your best in chess? (part-2)

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“The thing I don’t like in chess is the way you have to sit and pretend to think.”, – says one of my friends.  I hope it is not about you  That’s why last time I asked you a question: “Why some players have a champion’s psychology, while others haven’t it?”. I hope that you answered this question to yourself. People remember their own ideas much better and can perform it much easier. That’s why I didn’t give you the answer from the beginning. Here is what I think about it. Actually it is a very simple question. Why some players have a certain set of knowledge/skills, while others don’t? It is because they have trained these skills. Therefore, if you want to improve your psychological skills and to form a champion’s psychology – you should train it. You should regularly spend some time and efforts for this aspect of your chess development. I guess you want to know what exactly you should do regarding this stuff. Let’s first realize what the problem is. Why we didn’t form a champion’s psychology previously? Psychological research states that people remember bad things in 11 times better than something good. And we remember it in 11 times longer time period. When you face with problems, you have to make an effort to solve them. It affects you emotionally. Sometimes we have to stay in such situation for a long time period. That’s why we remember it so well. That’s why it breaks our self-confidence. That’s why so much players don’t even try to beat stronger opponents (only hoping for a draw). That’s why so much players don’t REALLY try to win the tournament (agreeing for a draw in last rounds and getting 5-10 places). Now you know what the problem is. So the question you should think about is “How to solve this problem?”. “How you can train a champion’s psychology?” Please, think about it. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-> Here is the answer for the task I gave you last time. 2 white’s pieces have been attacked and it seems like they must retreat. However in the game white played 1.Nb5, putting the 3rd piece under an attack! This is actually the best move, which gives white an advantage. Now white is threatening Nc7. 1…cb gives white much more active position after 2.Bd5. That’s why black played 1…Bb4 2.c3-Ba5. Here is the next task for you. What white should do now? You should still use the technic from the 3rd lesson of the course “How to Beat Titled Players”. Then it will be very simple. In the next issue I will finally give you all the answers

Comments: 1922

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