How to make your best in chess? (part-3)

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In the previous issue we have been discussing a champion’s psychology. I’ve told you that our brain automatically focuses more attention on problems, on a negative experience.

Thus we came to the conclusion, that you should consciously train your brain and form a champion’s psychology. So how can you do it?

Here is one powerful recommendation about it.
1. Collect your best games and save them into a separate database. It may include not only your tournament games, but training games, blitz games etc. Choose the games which are really impressive in your opinion.
2. Look over these games sometimes. It is especcialy important to do it before your tournament game. It will bring you to the top of your psychological condition.

Though this recommendation seems simple, it has a great value and a strong impact on your results. Just try it first, and only then state your opinion.

You may share your best games with me and others. Just send your best game/games to me and probably I will publish it. Thus you will inspire other chess fans and yourself as well! (Modesty is a bad quality for a sportsman!  )


In the previous issue I gave you a task.

Were you able to find the right move there?

In the game white played 1.Bd5-cd 2.Ng3. Though he won the game in the end, it was not the best decision.

Let’s look again at the starting position of this example. 3 white’s pieces are under an attack. So your first impulse is to retreat or to do something else about it. However it is your emotional impulse. If you stay calm and confident, you will realize that there is no danger here actually.

That’s why white should simply make castling 1.0-0!

After 1…cb 2.Bd5 white is dominating.

1…dc 2.Nbd6 gives white very active position also.

1…de 2.Nd6 is totally bad for black.

Thus you can see that there were no reasons to be afraid of black’s threats. It is a good example of how a psychology brings influence on your chess moves and how it is important to form a champion’s psychology.

Comments: 104

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