2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating
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2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating

2 Chess Rules To Reach 2000 ELO Rating

Today I’d like to share with you the 2 important ideas that will improve your rating drastically and help you reach 2000 Elo rating and beyond in no time.

The main problem with most chess players is that they start learning some ideas in chess, they make some progress, and reach a rating between 1400-1800. But after that certain level, they can’t progress any further and are stuck at that rating level. Their ratings go up and down a little bit, but they remain in that level.

Recently, I’ve been analyzing the results and the progress of the RCA students who increased their ratings drastically, and I found that these 2 ideas helped them make a breakthrough in their chess progress.

You can find the PGN of these games below:


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