Importance of Solving Positional Puzzles and Chess Compositions


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designMost chess players know about the type of puzzles familiarly known as tactics. However, there are other types of training positions that can help you really exercise your brain.

The actual exercising for most chess players, mainly amateur players, is limited to doing some tactics on the Internet or a puzzle book. The truth is that it’s not enough.

Because, tactical positions usually have one GOAL – to find out the weakness of the opponent or the motif/theme and then figure out how to exploit it in an effective way. However, those kinds of positions do not happen often in our practical games.

Rather, we face positions where we require positional understanding to find good moves or a plan. We cannot solve these positions in phone/book/Internet in a matter of few minutes. So here comes the question – how to train yourself in such positional problems? And why is it really important?

Our guest coach IM Valeri Lilov, who is also the author of our latest course “Converting Your Advantage into a Full Point”, has prepared a very instructive video lesson for you on this topic. You can watch it below:


Conclusions – how to solve puzzles

1) When solving puzzles, try to focus on the key patterns as they are important.
2) In tactical positions, you usually begin with a check for weaknesses and look for subsequent forcing moves that can exploit those weaknesses.
3) Always put yourself through your opponent’s eyes, so you can objectively check his defensive possibilities.
how to analyze chess games


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