How to use an open file in chess Part-2


A few days ago, we published the first part of the lesson “How to use an open file in chess?” by IM Boroljub Zlatanovic. If you missed it, you can watch it now here.


Today, we have published the second part of the video lesson. This time, Boroljub will explain the advantage of having an open file and how to use it effectively with an illustrative example – a game played between Evgeny Sveshnikov and Yuri Balashov.


There might be some instances where you will have to choose between two files to open it. Indeed, having the right open file is important, too.
chess rookAdditionally, this game also shows the importance of the organization of your pieces during an attack and the Rook Shift (transferring rook from one file to another).


Therefore, it can be said that this lesson has a mixture of topics you can learn from. 🙂 You can watch the video lesson below:

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Now let’s have a little summary of the lesson:


Key points


  • How to dominate that open file?
  • Organization of your pieces during an attack
  • Kingside attack
  • Bishop pair advantage
  • Good knight vs bad bishop
  • Rook Shift – transferring rook to an active open file
  • Converting your positional advantage into material advantage


Author information

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic IM Boroljub Zlatanovic


Boroljub Zlatanovic is a Serbian International Master and professional chess trainer. He became a FIDE Master, and in 1995 was Youth Champion of Serbia and a member of the national youth team. He was a two-time champion of the University of Belgrade and won 10 Serbian Open Chess Tournaments.


P.S. Did you enjoy these two lessons of IM Boroljub Zlatanovic on “Open Files”? Did you learn something new? Please, write your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂




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