My 30th birthday celebration

As some of you may know, today (28 October) is my birthday. First, I’d like to share with you a greeting that I received from one of my students, Albrait.
igor smirnov birthday greetingThank you very much for your greetings, Albrait. I’d also like to extend my thanks to all the RCA students who sent me their best wishes on this special day. 🙂 You can find my video below:


It’s Party Time!

In honor of my birthday, I’m providing you all with a huge 30% discount on ALL courses of RCA, as I’m turning 30 today! 🙂 You just have to use the coupon “bday30”. It’s a limited-period offer and will be valid only till Tuesday, 31 October. If you don’t know how to use a coupon, please see here.
igor smirnov birthday special offer

<< Grab the courses now >>

 P.S. Although you can use the “bday30” coupon to get 30% discount on all our courses, the 35% discount coupon “endgame35” is exclusive ONLY for our newly launched course “Practical Endgames” (find more details here). 🙂 So, don’t miss this great opportunity!

  • Jonathan

    Happy Birthday, Igor!

  • marwanradman123

    Happy birthday to our teacher GM Igor ..and every year you and who you love are fine,,,

    • Hi Marwan,
      I am honored and delighted to read your nice words and support over many years already. Thank you!

  • Dennis

    Happy birthday Igor !, I have bought you’re new endgame course , it’s fantastic I like it very much , I will study it seriously and also will study the course endgame expert again.

    I spent more time on endgames , I want to be a endgame master , like karpov Carlsen and capablanca 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Dennis,
      Thanks for your greetings!
      My dog died around a year ago. People consider a pet almost as a part of their family, so I understand your feelings 🙁 Anyway, the life goes on, and your dog would love to see you smile 🙂

  • male Gupta

    happy birthday sir you are teh best you are looking very smart today thanks for the discount the remotechesss acadmey and all your hard work god bless you tomorrow i beat a 2400 fm and im and croosed the barrier of 2350 what do you think aobut my progress .my confidence is increasingl.

    • You’ve been training diligently over a relatively long period of time, and now your hard work pays off. Congratulations with your progress!

      & Thanks for your nice words!

  • Thanks for your greetings, Anup! 🙂

  • Soumyajit Das

    Happy Birthday sir Igor Smirnov

  • Lovro Glavina

    Hi Igor! Happy birthday! Why is it harder to use the pawn majority if the pawns are doubled like for black in berlin defense?

    • Hi Lovro,
      Thanks for your greetings!
      It’s harder to create a passed pawn when your pawns are doubled.

      • male Gupta

        dear igor sir today i saw the champoion showdonw carlsen vs ling drieng he was 67 to 25 point magnus is a full beast kraken if fide rules are not in regulation in blitz then magnus live raitng would be 3008 on the fide list .what do you think about magnus carlsen outstanding perforamnce in champion showdown htanks alot.

  • Joshua Juaneza

    Happy Birthday Igor!

  • David Gotch


  • male Gupta

    dear sir what do you thik abut the speed chess championship that happen in everyweek and titled tuesday can you participate in this battles and win prizes.thanks for replying this one in advance .and national premium league in india??

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