Igor Smirnov vs Hikaru Nakamura (MISSED MATE IN 1) 😱
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Igor Smirnov vs Hikaru Nakamura (MISSED MATE IN 1) 😱

Igor Smirnov vs Hikaru Nakamura (MISSED MATE IN 1) 😱

Today I’d like to share with you my game against Hikaru Nakamura. I played my favourite 1.b3 chess opening as White and Hikaru responded very solidly.

It was a really interesting game with a rollercoaster of emotions. In the middlegame, I sacrificed my pawn to launch a crushing attack against Hikaru’s king which forced him to give up castling.

Hikaru defended really well and I respect him for that. He never backs down and creates nasty tricks even in completely lost positions. And that is exactly what happened in the game; yes, I missed two checkmate in 1 moves at one point. πŸ˜…

Below, you can find the complete chess game:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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