Important announcement about our NEW site


First, I’ve really GREAT news for YOU today! As days go by, we reach our destination – yes, it’s our NEW site. 🙂

We’ll be migrating from our current site to the new one over the following days. This huge process will start today (Friday 24 April).


Therefore, we will make sure that most of the website functions work as usual but, unfortunately, some problems may occur and hamper normal functionality.

Therefore, on behalf of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) team, I kindly request you to bear with us on the above date.

Moreover, you can find our quick updates on our Social Media pages.


Cheers, enjoy your weekend! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to submit YOUR best game annotated on or before Tuesday, 28 April for the Game Festival! 🙂 Find more information about the contest here: LINK

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