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Celebrate Father’s Day with RCA + Most Important Chess Concept to Win

Celebrate Father’s Day with RCA + Most Important Chess Concept to Win

Remote Chess Academy (RCA) passes Father’s Day greetings to all the chess enthusiasts and fathers who have passed down their love for the game! We believe that Father’s Day holds a special place in the hearts of chess players. It’s a day filled with nostalgia, as many of us (including myself) were introduced to the fascinating world of chess by our fathers.

And nowadays I’m trying to get my little kids to be involved in chess, at least in the way that it is possible for them at this age. 😊

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Father’s Day Special Offer

To honour this cherished occasion, we are thrilled to announce a special offer that will help you unleash your chess potential. From June 18th to June 22nd, we are offering a huge 60% discount on all our courses and packages, and an incredible discount of up to 80% on selected courses.

Chess is a game that transcends generations, and Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate this shared passion. Get ready to make this Father’s Day truly exceptional! Grab your favourite courses with these massive discounts!

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<< Level up your chess now! >>

Today we’ll uncover a key chess positional concept that can transform your approach to the game and pave the way for success. Get ready to take your game to the next level with the most crucial chess strategy that will lead you to a 2000 rating and beyond.

But first, let’s delve into why this concept holds such significance. Throughout my journey to becoming a grandmaster, I discovered that chess is filled with countless rules and principles. However, identifying the most dominant and impactful ones can be challenging.


That’s why I want to share with you the ultimate chess strategy that will simplify your decision-making process and enhance your gameplay. So, what is this fundamental concept that can revolutionize your chess understanding? It’s none other than the principle of piece activity.

The essence of chess revolves around maximizing the activity of your pieces. The more active your pieces, the greater control they exert over the board, and the more pressure they can apply on your opponent.

In today’s video lesson, I’m sharing with you 5 different ways on exactly how you can follow this single strategy in different positions.

Below, you can find the examples shown in the video:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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