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First, let me remind you of the massive 50% discount we’re providing you with on our new course “Puzzles 2.0” by Dan Heisman. Studying this course will help you improve your tactical sense, your visualization skills, and your general understanding of the game; all things that ultimately will boost your rating!

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Solving chess puzzles are a lot of fun, but also an excellent tool to improve one’s game. Amongst other skills, it helps you improve your calculation, your creativity and to understand the subtleties of a position.


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There are hundreds and hundreds of micro-strategies in chess and knowing them (knowledge) is extremely important. Dan Heisman has estimated that chess is 2/3 skills and abilities and 1/3 knowledge. 1/3 is still a pretty big chunk. If you get someone who has a lot of skills and abilities and they are developing really well and they never develop any knowledge, they are going to compete against strong players and grandmasters.

And vice versa – some people who just read a lot of chess books have terrible skills. They might not be good in analysis, evaluation, visualization, and so on. Having said that, knowledge is not going to help you very much if you don’t develop your skills.

That’s exactly why this course will be super-useful. Dan Heisman develops your chess knowledge by showing the 4 different types of puzzles and, by solving them, you develop your problem-solving skills, analytical skills, planning, and several other skills needed to become a strong chess player.

Watch and enjoy the beautiful puzzles demonstrated by the author of the course himself:

Of all the puzzles shown in the video, which one was your favourite? And did you find the right plan in the 3rd puzzle? Write in the comments below.

Comments: 5

Comments 5

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