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Today, I’d like to inform you of recent changes we’ve made to the home page of the Remote Chess Academy (RCA) website. With the new design of our home page, things are made ‘handy’ and easily accessible for you.


RCA Lessons and News & Products


First, you can easily find:

a)      our latest articles and chess lessons

b)      information about our products and courses, “hot news”, and updates.


In the column “lessons”, you can find all of our recent chess lessons, including articles and video lessons. Additionally, for your convenience, we have added a couple of labels “New” and “Popular”.


The posts that are marked “New” are the latest ones, while those marked “Popular” are those that most students (someone like you) have seen/read/studied.
rca home page

In the second column, “News & Products”, you can find all articles that contain information about the latest RCA news – new products/courses, RCA events, and so on.


Similar to the column “Lessons”, the articles in this column are labeled “New” and “Popular”, too.


FREE course “Chess Training Plan for Rapid Improvement”


Second, our FREE chess course, “Chess Training Plan for Rapid Improvement”, is now more easily accessible to you.
chess course
In our home page, you can find a simple form provided – just enter your name and e-mail address and click on “Get it now”, and the course is yours! 🙂


Solve and learn from chess puzzles


Finally, you can “solve” some interesting chess puzzles, find our latest “Problem of the day”, and learn some effective methods with practical tips.



Summing things up, three important changes were made in the RCA site, only for you. You can:

  • find our latest, popular, and high-quality chess lessons, and information about RCA events and products
  • get the FREE course, “Chess Training Plan for Rapid Improvement”
  • And solve chess puzzles with our latest “Problem of the day”

We hope that you like these new changes to our home page. It would be very helpful for us if you could share your feedback about this by writing in the comments below.

Comments: 1

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