Initiative in Chess

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Today we have an interesting subject called “Initiative”. I’d like to recall a famous quote, “Only the player with the initiative has the right to attack”, made by the first undisputed World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz.


Indeed, initiative plays a key role in a chess game. Playing chess without the initiative is like trying to drive a car without acceleration. 🙂


So how important is initiative? And how to keep and maintain the initiative?


Our guest coach IM Boroljub Zlatanovic is back with another video lesson for you. The lesson is called “Initiative in chess”.
IM Boroljub ZlatanovicYou can watch the video lesson below:

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As usual, please don’t forget to write your feedback from the lesson in the comments below. We’ll be glad to know your thoughts.

Comments: 13

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  1. it is just awesome dear igor news .the lesson is just fantastic.thankyu very much.dear igor what new book or new course are you going to produce next ??what are your vies about GM alex yermolisnky coaching??

  2. Hi Ayush,

    I do have some ideas for the production of the new course and am working on them. At the same time I would be glad to know your views. What kind of courses would you like to get?

  3. i would like to get course on thinking system of world top players like mvl ,carlsen,giri and others like wesley so i want to know how exactly they evaluate the certain position they face on the board.A positional (stratergy course) .and i want to know dear igor what is meant by theoretical novelty.??thankyu.

  4. hi Igor

    if your doing more courses then i would instantly buy anything you release as long as it is you doing the talking, i don’t have any problems understanding your English and it inspires me to here it in the voice of the creator of the lesson. you somehow have a way of getting the point across to me that no other teacher can do and i believe it. I don’t care about any small English mistakes because you make up for it in your direct and easy to follow style of teaching so ignore what anyone else is saying and stick with the system that already makes your chess lessons the best available on this planet and I’ve looked at everything out there, don’t hire English speakers to replace your voice because that’s one of the special things in your courses that make it the best. as for what videos i would love to buy i would say please make a video about evaluation… I’m really getting your system of thinking during a game down but my problem comes when i wrongly evaluate a situation at the end of calculation and so i make bad decisions based on my not evaluating correctly so i would love a video about the correct method to evaluate in depth. also in one of your videos i think maybe GM’s positional understanding you mention there are many systems out there we should learn like isolated pawns or hanging pawns hedgehog system and many others… would love a video on knowing the essential ideas of playing in all these systems but in your style of teaching with the flash cards and the logical presentation putting things in order. you make it, ill buy it.


    1. Hi Ross,

      Igor has a busy schedule but I will help you.

      1) Thanks for your input on this matter. Recently some students have expressed this concern that it does not feel real if Igor is not speaking the videos.

      2) Your suggestion about doing about individual system like isolated pawns and other systems is good.
      Yes, logical representation of a position and bringing out the essential key ideas has been Igor’s strength which most chess authors neglect . We will make a note of your ideas.

      Thank you for your trust in RCA.


    2. Hi Ross,

      Thanks a lot for your detailed message! I’ll surely take it into account.

      Of course I’m really glad that my teaching was so useful for you. Your serious attitude towards study definitely made its valuable contribution here. I’ll keep up my work in producing new courses and boosting your chess progress 🙂

  5. Hi
    I paid 3 years ago for your course the GMUS. I never could download the entire folders and so it never never worked.
    6 months ago ( !!!!) Prasadh pretended he would send me the DVD course for this lesson I paid for.
    But this was a lie .
    I paid and I didn’t yet get the DVD lessons.
    May I be really fed up with that ?
    Your lessons are very interesting. But as concerns money I spent, it’s dishonest.

    1. Hi Jean,
      We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
      We were not aware that you did not get the DVD.
      We contacted our shipping company months ago. I have sent you the proof of the e-mail that I sent them to your personal e-mail.
      I have contacted them again. I should receive the DVD within 7 days.
      We will follow up to make sure that you get the DVD.

      Prasaadh | Student Support Officer

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