Instructive games from Indian National Premier Chess Championship

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One of the most grand and popular events in India, the Indian National Premier Chess Championship is currently being held at Tamil Nadu this month. And the standard of the tournament games is just amazing. The tournament consists of 14 players which has 8 GMs, 5 IMs and 1 FM.

Indian National Premier Chess Championship

Our guest coach, IM Valeri Lilov has prepared a video lesson for you which will contain the highlights of the sixth round of the tournament. Lilov discusses about two of the interesting games of the sixth round.


The first game was played between GM M.R. Venkatesh and GM Abhijit Kunte. And the second game was played between GM Sethuraman and IM Rathnakaran.


In the video lesson, Lilov will explain to you the key moments of the game like:


  • How do you get a lot of flexibility and support amongst your pieces when you have control over the centre?
  • What you should (and should NOT) do when your opponent has control over the centre?
  • Piece activity
  • Converting a bad piece into a better and active one
  • How does potential influence the game?
  • And lots more

IM Valeri LilovYou can watch the video lesson below:

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Comments: 2

Comments 2

  1. Nice game! Anyhow, i’d like to share my experience with “udemy”. This online learning platform is good and ideal for short chess courses. Also, wondering if there’s a possibility to download from udemy/rca support about the video transcript (in word/pdf) just to make sure the instructors explanation can be reviewed for clarity. Thanks,

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