Is it possible to play endings like a titled player?


Really, is it possible to play the endgame stage like a titled player (or a Grandmaster)? Over the last few days we’ve been discussing about this seemingly tough stage of a chess game – the endgame. We saw the game between Carlsen and Karjakin in the World Championship 2016, where Carlsen missed a golden opportunity to win the game. We also discussed about the most common problems many chess players face in an endgame.

So what do you think about the question: Is it possible to play endings like a titled player? If I should give you a direct answer, then YES! Endgame is just another stage of the game and compared to the opening and middlegame, there will be fewer pieces on the board so the ‘complexity’ is comparatively less.

As I said earlier, there are thousands of books and online materials about endgame. However, if they are teaching the endgame the RIGHT way, why still most chess players struggle to play the endgame properly? It’s because those materials often contain detailed and boring explanations which do not usually occur during practical chess games. And being honest, it’s difficult to remember all those when playing an endgame with less time on the clock.

Additionally, most of our students (YOU) asked for another course on endgame addressing the above-mentioned issues in our last survey. Thus, our new course “Practical Endgames” was born. The author of the course is our guest coach IM Asaf Givon, however, I always keep an eye on the work of our guest coaches and evaluate them before providing them to you. Below is the e-cover of the course:
practical endgames

About the course

In this course, IM Asaf Givon will share his knowledge with 8 lessons, in which he will explain how you should think in order to find the good moves in an endgame. After the study of this course you will improve your endgame technique a lot!


And I have additional good news for you – we got upgraded! The course is enhanced and an interactive practical part has been added.



Test your skills

Apart from the video lessons, we introduced a novelty in this course. For the first time, in this course the author tests your skills right after the theoretical videos in a separate category “Test your skills”.
test your skillsSo, you will have the opportunity to test your understanding with a very experienced author, and evaluate your learning.

Easy navigation to PGN games
chess course pgnYou can easily find the games (used in the video lessons) in PGN format right next to the videos. I bet you love this new feature. Why don’t you say it in the comments below? 🙂

The course will be released on Thursday, 26 October. And we will provide you with a really massive 35% discount on the course, to celebrate its launch, which will be valid till Sunday, 29 October. Therefore, stay tuned for this amazing course! 🙂


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