Project Manager

Posted 3 years ago

As the name of the position suggests, you will manage other people and coordinate realization of a certain project. RCA realizes a lot of “projects” like organization of online tournaments, translation of our courses to other languages, creation of new training platforms and features and so on.Please, describe your skills and preferences in details, and we’ll be able to find a suitable project for you. “Manager” is a higer-level position that implies a greater lever of responsibility and benefits.


  • Experience in organizing events and/or managing other people.
  • Experienced computer user.
  • Familiarity with RCA free lessons and paid courses.
  • Intermediate or good command of written and spoken English (ability to have voice chat through Skype)
  • Ability to work and to stay in touch regularly (for instance, to check e-mails several times per day).

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