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Finally, it’s time for my “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event on the RCA Facebook page. Visit the RCA Facebook page and you will a post pinned to top announcing the start of the event at 10 a.m. EST(check EST timings here).

Ask Me Anything event

<<Go to the RCA Facebook Page and join the event>>


Log into your Facebook account now and ask your interesting questions to me – the event will run only for 90 minutes (from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. EST). I’m conducting this event to celebrate the release of our upcoming course “Winning the Middlegame”! 🙂


What’s an “Ask Me Anything” event?


It is nothing too serious but we’ll be having a pleasant chat where I’ll be answering YOUR chess-related questions for 90 minutes – cool isn’t it! 🙂 You can ask me any chess-related question to clear any doubts or you can ask a few questions about our upcoming course, or about me or even about RCA – I’ll try to answer them all! 🙂

Note: if you don’t know how to ask questions to me during the event, please see the FAQ here.


Hurry up and shoot your questions now – the event will run only for 90 minutes and I won’t conduct this event very often. So don’t miss this unique opportunity! By the way, I have a small present for everyone who participates in the event. 🙂


P.S. Don’t forget to pre-register for “Winning the Middlegame” which will be released on Wednesday, 17 August and get BETTER SPECIAL OFFERS than those who don’t pre-register! 🙂 Click here to pre-register now.
Comments: 5

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