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I have received messages from people who want to study my courses, BUT can’t afford it. It’s such a pity to hear that.

We are all in a financially unstable situation. As someone who is living in Ukraine, I can understand your situation very well 🙂  That said, I want to help everybody get better at chess and this is a VERY juicy solution.

You can earn money by being a part of my TEAM.

As you have guessed, I have a team of assistants (taking on whole projects myself is suicide!) who help me in different areas like websites, advertising, design and those are just to name a few.

I’m anticipating 2012 to be a VERY busy year and I’m going to need MORE help. Whether it’s getting more financial support or having enough spending power to purchase my courses – this should help you a lot. Check out the vacancies and positions here: LINK

One more thing: I’d like to answer another question here. Recently, some people write to me looking for discount. While I have provided discounts before (and they missed it), they are quite insistent on me giving them a special treatment.

In the previous issues we were talking about thinking and analyzing the situation. So let’s think this one together.

–> If you require better conditions or special treatment for you… better, than everybody else have – then you are not being fair to other people (all my other students), right?

–> Next, while developing a new course I work 8-12 hour a day at 6 days a week for a few months. YES, ‘giving birth’ to an intensive chess course is exhausting. I include only the BEST part of my work there (thus you see only a peak of the iceberg).
So how much should it cost? 5 bucks? 🙂 If you want to get the course dirt cheap – then you don’t respect my work. Plus, you are not being fair to me.

–> If you don’t respect my work and all my students, then why should I make any favors for you?
By the way, if you don’t respect my work, but still want to get it – it means that you don’t respect yourself also. 🙂

Maybe you’d like to say “Hey, that’s not the point. I just want your course, but haven’t enough money for it”. Well, that doesn’t disprove the previous statements.

To end this, I’d like to share a sage idea of Bodo Schaefer: “You get something not because you need it, but because you deserve it”.

Instead of asking, you should start acting. And you’ll get everything that you deserve.
On a side note, the job openings for my team can give you a good start. 🙂


Comments: 97

Comments 58

  1. Hell Mr. Simirnov,

    For this point my openion is that video courses seems not satisfactory. Yes they give some knowladge and imroves the way of thinking. I get your Gm secret’s course and it made me grow 200 Elo. But Occording to me improving in chess needs regular studies. Watching videos become boring after 10-20 watching. I have more than 200 videos in Turkish Language but I dont want to watch any more. My sugession for you is to study on inter-active courses. Module by module improving. For example openings 1 ( level 1200-1400 ) just a course of 5-10 minutes and then practical samples, questions, palyings. And final exam. Then maybe somebady will have targets to go. If some body dont take enough points from a course 1 can not move second. So maybe you can give 1 month access to enter the students. You can also make improving competitions. I would like to send you a model of learning english course Please click on

    1. You should be the one who should learn English more..look at your poor spelling and grammar!.. so don’t tell our great teacher what to do..

  2. “not being fare to me” – should be spelled “fair”. I guess a native speaker (of English, that is) could enhance the quality many of your manuscripts.

  3. Zdrastvuite Gospodin Smirnov. My name is Mircea Pavlov,inter maister end zaslujenii trener,trener olimpicheskoi komande Rumunii nad 9 olimpiad. Teperi ia zanimaius trener juniorov in komandi Rumunii i hotel uvideti chto nibuti interesnoe v vashix kursah za molodix. Jelaiu vam vsego horoshevo,MP

  4. Dear Grand Master Smirnov

    First of all, thank you for your offer to join your team. It’s very very nice. You are a very good person. Indeed, you think at people and at their financial difficulties.

    I wanted to say that I’m not ready yet to take one of your vacancies for several reasons:

    – I must improve my English

    – I have not time, because I’m still at university.

    – I have much work to do in chess in order to become a strong player (I am an intermediate player)

    Thank you anyway for your offer.

  5. Simirnov what ever the the price is I will pay. Don’t
    lower your standard for everybody else, or you will be
    Just like them. The question is are people willing to pay
    The PRICE to get what they what. If not, they don’t deserve

  6. In your course, GM’s positional understanding, I think it would be an improvement to call the overall idea Square Control to avoid the tautology with activity.

  7. HI M IGOR

    I have translate your course “The GM’s Positional Understanding” an italian lanuage and i am improving the translate for to send at your site map.
    Your courses hare only effective instructive (my rating FIde is 2000) and you hare the best chess teacher !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your fiend Mariano Mancin

  8. There hare the programs that translate at automatic the english languae an italian,spanish,etc. it’s simple !! I speak english very bad, but i to buy your corses and i very enthusiasm. The next year i become FIDE MASTER, thank you GM IGOR.
    HI Mariano Mancin

  9. I do understand your points very well. It is important for you to know what “normal” players are willing to spend to improve. Where I am at in my chess career I am not willing to spend that much money. But each person is different; with different goals. I have never asked for a discount I just won’t purchase your programs. Just like I won’t purchase caviar because to me it is not worth the price. This is free enterprise.

  10. Scusa Mariano, ma tu non hai 2000 punti di Elo FIDe ma sei a 1898. Ed è difficile che in un anno tu possa passare da 1 Naz. a MF! Non credo che tu renda un buon servizio al GM Smirnov dicendo cose inesatte.

    1. Gioco regolermente con un maestro e sono preticamente allo stesso livello. Ho avuto problemim di salute purtroppo ed ho perso punti agli ultimi tornei (performance media 2050) ma ora mi sto riprendendo e comunque il mio attuale elo è assolutamente sottostimato. Presentati cortesemente !!

  11. Dimenticavo, non ho bisogno di usare un nick name dato che non ho asslutamente nulla da nascondere e quando vengo criticato o giudicato gradirei sapere chi si permette di farlo !!!!!

  12. Non credo che in questo sito sia obbligatorio e neppure “cortese” presentarsi. Del resto mi pare che nessuno o quasi lo faccia. Per quanto riguarda le critiche io ho semplicemente scritto ciò che ho letto sul sito della FSI.

    Secondo me sarebbe più utile dire che dal 2008 ad oggi hai guadagnato una quarantina di punti Elo e che dal 2007 al 2008 hai fatto un salto di circa 100 punti. La gente non ha bisogno di exploit esagerati o di dichiarazioni napoleoniche ( come quella che in un anno passerai da 1 Naz a MF) ma vuole dei risultati anche se sono piccoli. Credo che la tua storia ( quella vera, intendo) sarebbe sufficiente a fare una buona pubbliucità a Smirnov.

    Non acquisto, per ore, i corsi di Smirnov in parte per problemi economici e in parte perchè voglio capire come funzionano. Per questo motivo guardo quelli gratuiti e cerco di orizzontarmi.

  13. Spero che le nostre disquisizioni possano terminare al più presto dato che non accetto lezioni da sconosciuti. Comunque visto che sei un tipo curioso prova a guardarti sul data base della FSI le partite Pattarello(elo 1983)-Mancin e Mancin-Marinone(elo 2008) torneo di Robecchetto dicembre 2008, forse potresti capire il termine “masima attività”.

    1. Fosse per me le disquisizioni sarebbero già terminate. Resta il fatto ( e questo è inconfutabile) che tu non hai 2000 punti Elo come hai affermato. Il resto sono tutte chiacchiere e, se le altre testimonianze del corso sono veritiere come la tua, forse è meglio che non acquisti nulla. Scriverò in inglese a Smirnov per dirgli di valutare queste testimonianze che sono più dannose che utili.

  14. People, please, write all comments in English. Everybody should be able to understand the conversation and to take part in it. In the future we’ll simply remove all “foreign” comments.

    1. Ok, GM Smirnov and sorry. Mr. Mancin wrote: “Your courses hare only effective instructive (my rating FIde is 2000)”
      I don’t want to judge your courses and I’m still thinking on the possibility to buying one of these courses but I can judge the truth of your eager testimonial. Mr. Mancin is an Italian player rated 1898 Fide and not 2000. I wish Mancin to become Fide Master ( Elo 2300) next year but is very difficult to collect 402 points in 365 days. From 2007 to present Mancin raised his Elo from 1875 to 1898 ( +23) with a peak of 1910 in 2009, April list. After that Mancin lost 12 Elo points. His results are not impressive but I think that an amateur can be satisfied and the present ( and real!) Elo is a good publicity for your courses. So, why cheat?
      I’m sure that you prefer the truth to lies and you don’t need false testimonials.
      I wrote politely my objections to Mr Mancin but his last answer was “Don’t piss mi off!”
      Mr Smirnof, you really need these false witnesses?

  15. Probabilmente non sei sufficientemente intelligente per comprendere il termine ADDIO. Bene sarò costretto ad essere più esplicito: ma chi ti ha mai cercato? ma chi sei? ma cosa vuoi? fatti gli affari di casa tua! fai quello che vuoi non me ne frega assolutamente niente di una nullità! L’importante è che non mi rompi più le pa..e !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. HI GM IGOR

    I have to buy the first course “The Grandmaster’s Secret” in 15/09/2011 and my FIDE rating previous is not connection that this virtual ratin effective now. I play reulary with master and my results hare absolutely positive, in effect i hahe to buy other two courses susequently and i am very enthusiast for the clear improving. My work is manager and actually i have not time to take chess tourtaments, the next year i have many free time for to show my really power in the chess games. Many people don’t spend money for to buy your courses and criticize who support your site map.

    Hi mariano Mancin

  17. Ok. But I feel these comments about somebody who you comment isn’t good. Don’t get me wrong try to put in he/she situation. Maybe I start your course,but in this moment my main focus is to create beauty on chess. Is good to play efectivitly, but my main focus is beauty. I have played too much in recent past that I was feeling highly efectivity but missing something.

  18. Hey Igor

    Anytime you want anything proof read so as to make it perfect English send me the transcript and I will edit the document for you and I will never charge you anything.
    My gift to you .
    [email protected]

    Sincerely Jim Schultz

  19. Don’t get me wrong but i feel is very funny to tell Igor what he has to do to improve his teaching methods. I mean the man is a Gm from Ukraine and he has stydied psychology in the University. What is our experience in teaching and in chess to judge this man work? What is our qualification in this era? It reminds me an experience on mine in a school were i teach martial arts. A parent came close to me and she told me that she didn’t agree with my method of teaching and that i should change it. Well, i do martial arts for 25 years and i have a degree in physical education. At same time he was just a…mum!

  20. Hi to all of u! I played a game last weak against an opponent which was weaker than me (my rating is 2140 and his was 1980) and i suffered a loss against an opening in which my results are the worst ever! I was black and he used the so called Scotch Gambit (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d4 ed4 5.e5 and the answer i use regularly against it is 5…d5 etc). The truth is that i have played against this system a dozen of times and never achived a position which i could understand. White in this system gives his bishop pair (after 6.Bb5 Ne4 7.Nd4 Bd7 8.Bxc6) BUT(!) he destroyes black’s pawn structure and get’s and overwelcomed pawn majority on the K-side which he can use to attack in the middlegame. At the same time black indeed has the bishop pair and a pawn majority in the center (especially the light squared bishop can become the winning piece for black and at the same time his doomed!) Any way i feel that it is easier to play this position as white than as black (i indeed use it some time ago to beat 2 national masters in my country and i really had an easy time).
    So i decided to give a try to another system which i feel is more to my taste and understanding of the game. I mean after the initial moves to play 5…Ng4. There are 3 main variations for white (6.Qe2, 6.0-0, 6.Bf7+) and i have checked them all and it seems to me that black is very ok. But of course i would like some suggestions and arguments. It’s very frustrating to have good results against the “main” lines (Spanish game, Italian game, the Scotch etc) and to lose regularly from off beat lines (the Scotch Gambit, King’s Gambit etc). I have even beat an IM last summer in Italian game with black pieces only to have a reckless position against a no titled player in my next game with black when he used the Scotch Gambit. Anyway thank u for listening. Bye :O)

  21. I just started studying your course, Mr. Smirnov,”GM positional understanding”, and I’m improving.Your didactic approach is inimitable! I am eager to see your course on Tactics/calculation/visualization. Books have been confusing me , and I have wasted precious years perusing them but with little or no progress .My positional understanding just after the 7 video lessons [no Tasks yet] is greater than it has been for 7 years of frustration and disappointment studying dozens of books .What sets you apart is the SIMPLICITY of your teaching style.

    By the way, I lose most of my games because of poor tactical vision, failure to consider my opponent’s candidate moves[calculation[ ,or inability to visualize and evaluate accurately a final position even after three moves . I hope your new course will give me a peace of mine in this area as it did in strategy. I am eager to purchase it the same day it becomes available. If you do the same job on Tactics/Calculation/ Visualization ,then, one can aver that ‘if chess were a religion GM Igor Smirnov would be God’.

    Thanks for reading me,
    Jean Leon Chavannes-

  22. I do not agree.

    I have also not always scored best, and even very bad on other Sites where they had these kind of things.

    Roughly said it can be because of three Factors:

    1: You don’t have full Capicity to properly Excercise the Excercise ( lol ). This is what you mean.

    2: They add Time to the Excercise ( I am a Devoted Corresponda{e}nce ChessPlayer, I guess that this has something to good with my what I like to say ‘ Tactical Blindspot ‘ ( I can make the Biggest Tactical Bloopers oh it sounds so Dreary, but you still don’t want to know ), but I am ( very ) good at Stratagy, and even better ( SuperTalent I think > ) at Planning [ I think at least. @ I am Solidifying my Position Xd ], if there is a difference between them already ( Sorry Smirnov, Igor, for if there is ;} )

    In Short: I Fail with Time and Tactics, but get more or less Compensated with Planning, Stratagy ‘ and ‘ Corresponda{e}nce Chess. More or less… because Tactics are the Basics; however, Tactics are Derived from the Opening, so the go Hand-in-Hand with each other.
    But I don’t like to Memorize Moves out of my head… I want to THINK!

    3: You already have full Capability for that Excercise and so it’s simply Boring to go Thought that again!

    And 1 Specifik one ( There are more ):

    4: It’s a Futile Chance that you will ever reach such a Position because the Position does not Display your Style of Play. And if you already ever Reach such Position, well, I Suppose that if you come to this Student Site ( Primary ) hosted by Igor Smirnov you have Sportmanship and thus you Play with an Equally Strenghted Player, or a better Player, and thus he/she is going to win unless he is Physically Sick and or mentally not ( so ) fit.

    But enough Chatting for now, with every 4 seconds more Typing I take the Risk to lose all this Text I write here on this Loaned Laptop by clicking BackSpace on the wrong moment.

    I am a Defensive, Positional and semi-Prophylaxial Chess Player and have drawn one game with Rybka 2.3.2a mp 32-bit as Black, in Shuffle Chess ( Without Castling, different from Chess 960 but else still same Rules. ), Although could have done more if my Choicemaking would have been better and more Supported by Knowledge ( When you doubt about 2 or more moves, and every move seems to have an equal Advantage and/or Disadvantage ) Usually I Choose for the Long-Term, Strategic and Planning move, but than that fails because Tactics go first…
    And so that’s my point of Focus.

    But enough for as said earlier, What I now do is a Risk.
    Save at NoteBlock….

  23. On a SideNote to the Webhoster:

    It takes Pretty long for me to post here if that Screen ” Before we post here ” goes away so often when I click and do something wrong.
    Also, My name goes the same as my Hotmail Adress either quite often. That is annoying.
    Change this if you are able to do so, please.

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