Kasparov defeated 13-Year-old Carlsen in Rapid Chess Game!


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designThe Reykjavik Rapid 2004 tournament had a lot of interesting games, and today we’re going to see one of them – a game between two chess legends, Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen. This game was played when Carlsen was just 13 years-old.

The game started off with 1.c4, the English opening from Kasparov, but later got transposed into the Kings Indian Defense. The young kid from Norway made a minor mistake after the opening stage, which Kasparov took advantage of and attained a positional advantage later on in the game.

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Our new guest coach Mato Jelic, who also analysed the game between Tal and Fischer in the previous video lesson, has prepared a video analysis of this interesting game. In this video, he explains where exactly Carlsen made the mistake and also explains the better alternative moves. You can watch the video below:


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Mato Jelic
Mato Jelic is a professional chess coach born in Croatia, and now he lives in Australia. His Australian Chess Federation Rating (ACF) is 2091 and he has a rapid rating (ACF) of 2100. His favourite chess players are Fischer, Alekhine, Capablanca, Keres, Tal and Botvinnik.

Did you find this video useful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 😊 Do you have any other favourite Kasparov-vs-Carlsen games in your mind?
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