Kasparov's Masterpiece in the Sicilian Najdorf Against Dominguez Perez

Kasparov’s Masterpiece in the Sicilian Najdorf Against Dominguez Perez

Kasparov’s Masterpiece in the Sicilian Najdorf Against Dominguez Perez

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designToday I would like to share with you a positional masterpiece from the legendary Garry Kasparov. It’s the blitz game played between Leinier Dominguez Perez and Garry Kasparov in the St. Louis Rapid & Blitz 2017. Kasparov was playing Black and the Sicilian Najdorf was played.

In this game, Kasparov demonstrated really well how to play the Sicilian Defense, highlighting a lot of typical ideas. Therefore, this game is not only beautiful, but also highly instructive. It’s really amazing to see how Kasparov proves that he is one of the strongest grandmasters ever – he simply outplayed his opponent with his brilliant positional play.

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Kasparov restricted Dominguez’s play and his ideas and, in the endgame, he got a really beautiful bishop pair against Dominguez’s pair. Adding fire to the fuel, Kasparov had a connected passed pawn! You can watch the video lesson below:

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