Doesn’t “How to Beat Titled Players” contradict with the system of thinking you taught in your other courses?

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Your secret weapon


The How to Beat Titled Players course is a rather special course in which we focus on your OPPONENT and the ways in which you can put pressure on him/her. Specifically, this course presents a unique system comprised of special weapons for beating stronger opponents (even though this may seem impossible logically!). Essentially, this course is your secret weapon for achieving some incredible results.


The importance of firm foundations


Do take note, however, that How to Beat Titled Players is a rather advanced course. Thus you will need to have built a firm foundation BEFORE you will be able to move on and understand this advanced knowledge. That’s why I strongly recommend that you learn at least one of my base courses first:



Either of the above two courses will give you much excellent practice and will provide a good base for your future progress. For best results, study both of the above courses as they compliment each other and will provide you with much essential information.




Simply follow the main system of thinking as presented in my other courses, and when you are ready, the How to Beat Titled Players course will give you some extra weapons for making you not just a good player, but an outstanding one!


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