How to purchase a course?

How can I buy your products?

Please go to our website’s product page by Clicking HERE and Select the product you want to purchase.

1)  In case you want our course delivered as a DVD to your address, please click on “Check if physical DVD needed” and click on “TAKE THIS COURSE”. If you want to get our products directly delivered as a digital download, just click on “TAKE THIS COURSE” without clicking on “Check if physical DVD needed”. To know more about our delivery methods, click HERE!


2) Enter your billing information and click on “NEXT”:

3) In the “Order Info”, In case you have discount coupon then click on “Click here to enter your code” and then click on “Next”

4)      In the Payment info, choose the payment method and then click on “Proceed to Payment”

We also provide you step-by-step walk-through in our video tutorials: TUTORIALS


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