How many students can play simultaneous chess with Igor?

150 is the maximum number of students who will participate in the seminar. So the first 150 who register of the seminar will be able to play in the simul.
  • In case 50 or fewer people want to join the simul, each one will play individually (like in a usual chess game)
  • In case more than 50 people want to join the simul, the participants will be united into teams
  • For instance, in the case of 100 registrants, each team will consist of 2 players; in the case of 150 registrants, each team will be 3 players. Each team is playing the simul game (against GM Smirnov) together. This means that they may think together, discuss each move, and come to a collective decision.
What if I want to play on my own with Igor?
We understand that you would want to play individually instead of team game. However, this cannot happen when there is a huge number of registration. Team play gives chances for lot of people to play with GM Igor Smirnov.
Moreover,team play has some benefits. You can cooperate with the other players, compare your thinking process with them, get hints from your team-mates, etc.
So invite your friends to the simul and have fun together!
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