How will I receive my entry ticket after registration?

Participants attending the seminar will get a pass ticket during the registration process (Registration is 9 to 10 a.m.IST (Indian Standard Time), though online registration will have higher priority).
Here is the link to check IST.
The registration limit for the seminar is 300 people.
Since the quantity of seats for the simul is limited to 150, each ticket will have a number.
The first 150 registrants will get a place in the simul.
Those who purchase tickets online will get a corresponding number on their pass. For instance, if a person purchases a seminar place via the internet before everyone else, that pass will have the number “1”. That person will get a paper pass during Registration.
Please note that you will not pay anything extra for the ticket, as it has already been paid for via the internet.
Those who wish to purchase pass offline can do so during Registration (9 to10 a.m.IST).
However, since seats are limited, we recommend you to purchase a pass online in advance to reserve your place.
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