How to Buy Your Course for Myself?

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How to Buy Your Course for Myself?

If you are my affiliate partner, and if you would like to purchase a certain chess course for yourself – then please follow the instructions below.

1. Click the link below to open a page that displays my courses:

2. After that, please select a course (add to cart) and purchase it.


Why should you do it?

As an affiliate, you can’t purchase a chess course for yourself through your own affiliate link (this is against our rules).

If you ever clicked one of your affiliate links – the system remembers it during 180 days! If you purchase any of my chess courses during these 180 days (even not through your affiliate link, but directly from – this will still be a purchase through your own affiliate link!

If you violate the terms of our affiliate program, your affiliate account may be terminated and even blocked completely. In this case your accumulated affiliate commissions will NOT be paid to you.

In order to avoid of such a sad situation, please, follow the instructions above.

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