Can I Use iPhone, DVD Player to Study Your Course?

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Can I Use iPhone, DVD Player to Study Your Course?

Trying to escape your friendly PC?

Yes, you can access our courses from all devices. You can study our courses online from any device.

How can I access RCA courses on my iPhone, iPad, or other devices?

You can access RCA courses on any device by visiting our website. Simply go to and enter your login credentials.

Where can I find my purchased courses?

In your dashboard, you will find your purchased courses listed under “Enrolled Courses”

Are there any specific requirements for accessing the courses on mobile devices?

No, there are no specific requirements. As long as your mobile device has a web browser and internet connectivity, you can access the courses.

Are there any alternative methods to access RCA courses on mobile devices?

The recommended method is to access the courses through our website. However, you can download the course on your device and access it from there. Here is video FAQ that will show you how to run the course on your device.

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