Do You Always Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

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Do You Always Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

Do you always refund your products?

Not always, but please let me explain you why.

In the beginning, our refund terms were not very strict as we wanted to please everyone. Then we realized that’s not always possible in this world 🙂

We had some experiences where clients were systematically asking for a refund right after the payment, or just a few days after (without a serious commitment to study our courses). In some cases, these refunds were asked by the same student on several courses.

That’s why we needed to ask our students to compromise a bit after buying our products. We really believe that in that way we are fair to our loyal students who buy our products with their hard earned money.

After clarifying this topic, you can find the refund terms in our terms and conditions under the heading, 8. Refund Policies

In case your claim is under the refund terms, you will get the requested refund.

My commitment to professionalism

One of the biggest problems concerning too many chess teachers and authors is a lack of responsibility. Above all, they don’t really seem to care about your actual progress. What I mean is that although your chess results may not change, or may even go down, no real responsibility is taken for this.

It is my opinion that every professional bears responsibility for his/her work. And I do mean everyone! That some believe that this does not apply to them is a clear indication that these people are not really interested in helping you.

Because someone has to break this tendency, and because I know that you will get chess progress when you study my course and perform all of the practical tasks, I am happy to make a commitment to you here and offer you my firm guarantee.

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