Do You Offer Discounts for Your Courses?

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Do You Offer Discounts for Your Courses?

1) GM Igor’s Super Pack

You can get a discount if you purchase GM Igor’s Super Pack. You can order the whole package (getting a HUGE discount of 668$) here: LINK

The Super Pack contains the best courses from Igor. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including opening theory, middlegame strategy, and endgame technique. It also includes a number of practice exercises to help you put what you’ve learned into practice.

In some cases even after buying 1 or 2 courses, you can still consider buying the whole package as it can be cheaper than buying the remaining courses separately.

2) GM Igor Smirnov’s Opening Bundle

The Opening Bundle contains Igor’s best opening courses and you get 198$ worth of opening courses for free: LINK

The bundle contains “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory” ($53),  “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory – 2” ($88), “The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory – 2 – Bonus Pack” ($25), Boleslavsky Pawn Structure ($79)

In this Opening Bundle, you also get these 3 courses (8 Aggressive Chess Openings, Master the Grunfled as Black, How to play Chess with Black pieces (Nimzo-Indian Defense)) (worth $198) for free!

3) RCA Beginners Package

The Quick Jump package for beginners is guaranteed to give you a solid foundation to the aspiring new chess player.

We offer The Grandmaster’s Secrets ($57), The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding (97$) and The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory ($53) for a total price of 199 USD, saving you 50 USD! LINK


If you can’t afford a course now – please, check out possible solutions here: you can

either JOIN US or become a PARTNER

Join us

Indeed, you can earn money and be part of our team!

As you have guessed, I have a team of assistants (taking on whole projects myself is suicide!) who help me in different areas like websites, advertising, design and those are just to name a few.

If you find any CAREER that matches your skills.

Become a partner

Yes! You can promote our products and benefit from that.

By doing so, you will:

  • Spread the word about your passion, CHESS, and my game-changing chess courses.
  • Get a whopping 50% COMMISSION on every sale through your affiliate link.
  • Help make the chess world be a better place.

You can find all the information you need to become and affiliate HERE, and then SIGN UP!


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