How Can I Promote My Affiliate Links?

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How Can I Promote My Affiliate Links?

There are many ways that you can:

– You may advertise your affiliate links on chess forums.
“I found an interesting chess site. I have improved my rating from the videos and material there. Check out these video lessons by GM Smirnov: (insert your affiliate link instead)“.
You may write something similar, or your own text.

– Send them to your chess friends by e-mail.

– You may place information about my site and your affiliate links on social networking groups/sites (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

– Some websites allow free advertising.

– You can take part in discussions (chess servers/ internet chat rooms provide this function) and tell someone about the courses.

-Promoting my free lessons

1. Subscribe for my free lessons on my site (if you haven’t done it already):

2. Then you can place my free lessons (which you will get after the subscription) on different chess sites.

+ You may place my FREE video lessons on different video portals (, and others). You can easily find different video sites using

+ You may place my free lessons (video and text articles) on different torrent sites.

You should NOT spam! It is very important. You need to place your advertisement in the appropriate place and not just anywhere.

For example (especially in forums):
+ There may be a section like “advertisements” or “commercial offers”.
+ Also there may be a section for discussing “chess products” , “tutorial materials” , “chess coaches”, “chess books”, or “chess videos” etc.

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