How Many Pages of Printable Materials Are There in Each of Your Courses?

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How Many Pages of Printable Materials Are There in Each of Your Courses?

Is there much printable material?

While this will of course vary depending on the course and on the types of items that you like to print, in general, each course contains A LOT of materials.

For example, you can print the text versions of each of the video lessons, print each of the commented chess games provided in the comprehensive games database, print out the tasks assigned for you in the practical exercises, instructions, mind maps, et cetera.

Must I print absolutely everything?

No, it’s not essential that you to print absolutely everything. Most of my courses offer several of the most important schemes/rules in a conveniently printable format. It’s enough to print these several pages only.


Note: I strongly advise that you put great effort into learning and UNDERSTANDING the information presented in these courses. You will need a solid understanding of each of the presented topics if you are to gain maximum advantage from these materials. So please, do not rush to complete a certain number of pages or to finish a set number of tasks. This will not help you.

Your gain will be in developing a complete and thorough understanding of each of the rules, concepts, skills or techniques that you will be presented with. As such, I urge you to watch all of the video lessons carefully, and to perform each practical task thoroughly. By doing so you’ll truly be able to digest the material and will be able to apply it where it counts: on the board, and without the need of printed notes.

For your convenience, a detailed description of every course may be found here: Chess Courses by GM Smirnov

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