How to Create a Sound Title to Promote Your Products?

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How to Create a Sound Title to Promote Your Products?

Internet users have a strong desire to learn. The “correct” title of an article can grab the curiosity of readers and ensure the first click!

There are four types of titles:

a) Promise / pay (for example, 3 ways to increase your chess rating – ELO)
b) Curiosity (for example, One of the three major mistakes when you are playing chess?)
c) Ease / Speed ​​(for example, 3 easy steps to increase your ELO)
d) Clarity / Plainness (for example, 3 ways to stop blunders)

The main principles to impact clients are:

1) Use questions

Titles written as questions address the feelings of customers (for example, are you tired of training with no real results?)

2) Use commands

This technique gains immediate attention and draws interest to the product (for example, double your ELO – guaranteed!)

3) Use news

It is effective when supported by evidence or proof, for instance, “Scientific studies have shown that chess players have less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease”

Finally you can use a series of power words
  • Breakthrough
  • Discover
  • Easy
  • Free
  • Guaranteed
  • Hidden
  • Unbelievable
  • Affection
  • Become an expert
  • Money
  • Profits
  • Young
  • Powerful
  • Established
  • Scientific
  • Secret
  • Shocked
  • Last

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