How to Move Our E-mails to Primary Tab in Gmail?

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How to Move Our E-mails to Primary Tab in Gmail?

To move our e-mails from Promotion Tab Or Updates Tab to Primary Tab. Choose any of the following methods:

Drag and Drop
One of the simplest ways to move an email is to left-click and hold on the email and drag it from the promotions tab over to the Primary tab. Releasing the mouse will drop the email into the primary tab. After it is dropped, Gmail will ask if you wish to make the change permanent. Click yes to make sure that all future messages from the same address will appear in the primary tab.


With the email highlighted, you can right-click on the email and bring up a list of options in some browsers. Click move to tab option and select the tab you wish to move the email to.  After selecting the tab it will again ask if you want to make the change permanent and click yes.

Adding as Contact
You can also add “” as your contact so that it will automatically show in Primary tab and also will prevent the e-mail from accidentally going to spam.

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