How to Purchase Our Online Courses

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How to Purchase Our Online Courses

This FAQ will walk you through how you can purchase our courses.

1) Go to the Shop Page, choose which product you want and click on “Add to cart” button

2) Now you will get a pop up on the top right, you can add more courses or click on the “Checkout” button to proceed to checkout.

3) If you have a discount coupon, click on “Click here to enter your code”, enter your discount code and click on the gift symbol to apply the discount.









4) If you have already purchased an online course from us. Click on the “Returning customer? Click Here to Login” popup box and enter your details and login.

5) If you are a new customer, enter the details required in the checkout page and create your account. Please note down your “Account Username” and “Password” this is how you will access the course.

6) For Payment, you can either choose to pay with PayPal, Credit Card/ Debit Card or Google Pay. Choose the relevant option and click “Proceed”.

7) After the payment is completed, click on “Return to Merchant” button and you will be taken to Order Details page.

In the Order Details Page,

a) You can either download the course to your local PC by clicking on the “Download” button

b) Or scroll down and click course name button to view the course online without any download

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