I Am an Amateur/FM/IM… Which Course Should I Study?

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I Am an Amateur/FM/IM… Which Course Should I Study?

What types of players are the courses suitable for?

Largely, my courses contain general recommendations about chess strategy, learning and so forth. Such recommendations are universal and will be useful for any player.

How are the courses structured?

Each course presents a complete system for a certain topic, starting from the base ideas and moving up to the expert issues, thus ensuring your deep understanding of the topic being presented.

Advice for the amateur player

If you are an amateur player, you will benefit more than anything from studying the base ideas very carefully. This will provide the essential foundation of knowledge that you’ll need to progress to study the more complicated tasks to come.

Advice for the strong player

If you are a strong player, you will probably benefit greater from focusing on some of the more advanced ideas (on a GMs’ level). Even so, the base ideas that are provided in my courses will be useful for you as well. These base ideas form a solid foundation of your deep chess understanding.

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