I can’t run the video lessons

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I can’t run the video lessons

Can’t run the video lessons?

As thousands of customers have opened the exact same videos without any problems, you can rest assured that everything is fine with these video files. If for some reason you can’t open a video lesson, however, it certainly indicates that something is amiss.

Now, while we don’t know the specific properties of your computer or how you’ve tried to open the video file, and thus can’t tell you what caused the problem, what we can do is tell you the CORRECT WAY to open these video files.

The procedure for obtaining and using the course is outlined below:

Step 1: Download

After purchasing the course, you’ll then need to download it. For more details on how to complete this step, please watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL

Step 2: Decompress

After you’ve successfully downloaded the file, you then need to unpack its contents so that you can run the course. For more details on how to decompress (unpack) the chess course, please watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL. If you can’t decompress the files, then please refer to the following FAQ: LINK

Step 3: Start the course

Now that you have successfully unpacked (decompressed) the course, go to the course’s folder and click on the file named “autorun.exe” to start the course’s graphical menu. For a visual guide to completing this step, please watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL.

Still can’t open the video lessons?

If for some reason you still can’t open the video lessons, then please try the following solutions one after another.

Solution 1:

Try disabling your antivirus/firewall programs because it is possible that these programs could block some of the course’s files.

Solution 2:

Try to download, install and test the following video players. After you have installed a new video player, reboot your computer and try opening the video lessons once again.

We strongly believe that if you watch the above mentioned tutorials carefully and follow them closely, you will be able to open video files without any problems.

If due to some unforeseen circumstances you still cannot view the video lessons, then please contact us and provide a DETAILED description of your situation. We will naturally do all that we can do to find a suitable solution for you.

please watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL

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