I can’t see the diagrams (images) while printing the e-book

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I can’t see the diagrams (images) while printing the e-book

Having trouble seeing printed diagrams?


Although all diagrams are presented clearly within a chess course’s e-book, a few people have reported problems seeing the diagrams after printing them. Because in each case the issue has been with the user and not the course, we will help you by providing the usual solutions below. Please choose whichever is appropriate,


Common solutions


An e-book is opened by resources of your internet browser Internet Explorer (NOT by Internet Explorer itself, but using its resources). After opening the e-book you may print out its contents using your printer. Therefore there are two things that could be the cause of a printing-related problem:


1) Something is wrong with Internet Explorer


If required, you can also download one of the many language packs for Internet Explorer.

Note: if these links don’t work for you, you can easily find Internet Explorer using google.com


  • Open Internet Explorer. Go the menu settings / print / printing parametersNote: your menus may have slightly different titles, but nevertheless please find the one related to printing. Then you’ll be able to select a checkbox “print background and images”.

Try to print out the e-book once again. If you still can’t see the images, please try to print out ANY web-page from your Internet Explorer program. Check if you can see the images in your printed document. If not, then something is probably wrong with your printer.


2) Your printer may not be working correctly


  • Re-install the drivers for your printer. You probably got a CD with drivers when buying your printer. Otherwise you can find necessary drivers on the internet (on the web-page of your printer’s maker).


  • Check the setting for your printer and make sure that you enable image printing (particularly when printing web-sites and e-books).


  • If trying to print in black & white only, note that some colours do not print well in grayscale. Thus you may need to make some adjustments to your printer’s settings so that the diagrams print clearly.


Try to print out the e-book again. If you still can’t see the images, try to print out any web-page from your Internet Explorer program. If you are still unable to see the images in your printed document, then you should consult with a technical specialist.


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