I Missed Your Free Lesson. Please Send It to Me Again.

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I Missed Your Free Lesson. Please Send It to Me Again.

Did you miss a free lesson?

Fear not, because all my free lessons are also presented on my blog. Thus you really have missed nothing. To find a lesson that you think you have missed out on, along with many other lessons, simply head on over to my blog and poke around.

Searching for free lessons

For your convenience, all of the blog entries are sorted by date. This means that you can easily find the latest lessons. Additionally, the blog provides a convenient search feature that you can use to locate certain lessons.

Bookmark the free lessons

For quick and convenient access to this blog and the many free lessons that can be found there, please add https://chess-teacher.com to your bookmarks. Doing so will ensure that all of the free lessons will then be merely a click away at all times.

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