In What Order Should I Learn Your Courses?

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In What Order Should I Learn Your Courses?

While I have provide a suggested order of study for your optimal learning. There’s no strict required order, so you can skip courses or study them out of order based on your preferences and specific learning goals.

Courses that provide a solid foundation

A few courses are particularly suitable for you to start with, as they provide essential knowledge to help you progress in chess faster and make it easier for you to master any other chess subject.

1) Level Up Your Chess 

That’s why I would recommend that you begin with Level Up Your Chess.

Level Up Your Chess is a course designed for beginners to intermediate players to progress rapidly with their chess progress.

The course covers all essential chess topics like Openings, Middlegame, Endgame, Improvement, Training and Practice.

The course promises rapid progress, emphasizing tailored plans and practice.

2) The Secrets of Strong Players

The Secrets of Strong Players guides chess players in thoughtful analysis, strategic thinking, and how to get consistent results, helping them become strong players.

3) 7 Keys to Victory

The 7 Keys to Victory simplifies the game of chess into seven main concepts to help both beginners and advanced players improve. The aim is to enhance understanding and make progress without overwhelming players with excess information.

4) Top 25 Middlegame Concepts

Top 25 Middlegame Concepts is a chess course designed to help players reach the next level in their chess journey. Focusing on the middlegame, the course guides players through the 25 most critical concepts, providing a clear and concise system to understand and apply these principles.

5) Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

The Grandmaster Positional Understanding reveals the secret to why strong players consistently win, emphasizing a deep understanding of the game rather than mere tactics or memorization of opening lines. It includes lessons on real chess thinking, important strategic rules, and how to apply them in games. This is one of older courses but one of our best sellers.

6) Grandmaster’s Secrets

“The Grandmaster’s Secrets” is a chess course developed to reveal the thinking method of Grandmasters and help players make significant progress in their game. he course is designed based on psychological principles and successful practice, promising fast progress and a clear advantage over opponents. This is one of older courses but one of our best sellers.

7) My Thinking System

Unlike conventional training that may confuse players during actual gameplay, this course offers a universal, well-developed system of thinking. It provides a clear algorithm for finding the right moves quickly and consistently

Choose your own path

The above 7 courses focus on making you a strong player by adopting different thinking system, better positional understanding and efficient training methods.

The other courses are about DIFFERENT topics, the order at which you study them in is not that important. As a result, you can choose which topic you want to learn and choose our courses based on that.

Looking for a Complete Opening Repertoire

The courses The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory, The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2 and The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory Bonus Pack contain a complete opening repertoire for White and Black.

These courses offer a complete and powerful opening repertoire at the Grandmaster’s level. The courses aims to eliminate the confusion and inefficiency found in traditional opening materials by focusing only on the necessary information.

The courses not only provide opening variation but more importantly opening plans and where to place your pieces during each opening.

Do you want to make your chess calculation better?

In an era where modern chess is dominated by dynamism and tactical plays,

The course Calculate Till Mate will help you adapt and excel, improving your concentration, memory, calculation and visualization.

Say goodbye to tactical oversights and blunders, and embrace the ability to calculate like a Grandmaster, visualize effortlessly, and win more games in style.

Looking to better your endgames?

In an era where many players can access vast databases and use computer programs for openings and middlegames, The Endgame Expert aims to exploit their weakness in understanding strategic endgame play.

Unlike traditional endgame books that focus on theoretical positions, this course emphasizes practical endgame positions, providing a step-by-step algorithm of thinking to find the best moves.

Struggling with middlegame planning?

The course Your Winning Plan focuses on developing an integrated system of middlegame planning in chess, enabling you to find the right plan in any position. Unlike other materials that often neglect this complex subject, this course dives into what “a chess understanding” truly is, mainly emphasizing planning skills.

Want to attack like Tal?

The course Attack and Win is designed to teach you how to attack effectively in chess. You’ll learn how to spot opportunities for an attack, initiate it, and identify the strongest attacking moves.

Are you an advanced players? 

If you are a more advanced player, the How to Beat Stronger Opponents course may well be a good choice for you. This course presents a unique system comprised of special weapons for beating stronger opponents.

Want better training habits?

If you are interested in HOW you can train more effectively, what the most efficient training plan is and the like, you might consider my Self-taught Grandmaster course.

A comprehensive training program for your chess development to expert level, The Self-Taught Grandmaster course is designed to help you to get the MOST benefit out of your training (and the learning of my other courses).

One possible order of study

As mentioned above, the sequence in which you might study my courses really depends upon your personal needs. However, one possible order of study might be:

  1. Level Up Your Chess 
  2. The Secrets of Strong Players
  3. 7 Keys to Victory
  4. Top 25 Middlegame Concepts
  5. Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding
  6. Grandmaster’s Secrets
  7. My Thinking System
  8. Attack and Win
  9. Self-taught Grandmaster
  10. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory
  11. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2
  12. The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory Bonus Pack
  13. Calculate Till Mate
  14. How to Beat Stronger Opponents
  15. An Endgame Expert
  16. Your Winning Plan

Again, please note that this is only one possible order, not a vital one. The final decision as to which of my courses will best suit your needs is up to you.

For your convenience, you may find all of my courses here: LINK

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