The Amount of My Last Affiliate Payment Is Incorrect

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The Amount of My Last Affiliate Payment Is Incorrect

Sometimes your affiliate payment may be LESS than it is stated in your affiliate account. It happens because of 3 reasons:

1) You are not allowed to purchase a product for yourself through your own affiliate link. In such a case the affiliate commission for this purchase will not be paid. If you break this rule insistently, your affiliate account may be banned. Watch the details here: LINK

2) As you are probably aware we give 31 days money back guarantee for all the products (refund policy). Sometimes customers use it. In this case we refund such orders. Therefore we don’t get any money for it and obviously we can’t pay you 50% from 0$. This is annoying for us as well as for you.

3) Occasionally a customer reloads the web-page several times, which leads to duplicated affiliate commissions. Read more about it here: LINK

These 3 items explain why your affiliate payment may be less than you expected. Although this is correct, we are sorry to disappoint your expectations.


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