What Are the System Requirements for the Courses?

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What Are the System Requirements for the Courses?

Need to know if you can run my courses?

No problem. You might be pleased to know that the main requirement is the Windows platform. However, even if you use an operating system other than Windows, there are still ways available for you to run my courses. The requirements for various operating systems are provided below.


As stated above, the only requirement for being able to run my courses is the Windows platform. As with most modern computers, Windows immediately recognizes the various common media types used in my courses and allows you to easily run them.


A Mac version of “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” course is available already.
The Mac version will work on any Mac (Apple) computer running OS X version 10.4 and above. This means that any iMac desktop, Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Laptop produced after 2002 can run the course.

Furthermore, even though my courses are essentially built to run on Windows, Mac users are still able to run them. If you are a Mac user and would like more information, please read the FAQ: Do your courses work on Mac?


If you are a Unix/Linux user, you might consider either running the course in a Windows emulator or maybe setting up a Windows virtual machine, but this is naturally beyond the scope of this FAQ. However, if you are running some kind of *nix, my guess is that you already know what you are doing.

What types of files do your courses use?

The courses contain the following types of files:

  • videos (in *.mp4 format)
  • e-book (in *.exe format)
  • chess databases (in *.pgn format)
  • program files (in *.exe format)

Most modern computers are able to recognize and work with the above mentioned file types (all Windows computers can do so). Thus you should be able to easily open and study the course.

Whatever the operating system you are running (Windows, Mac, etc.), you can easily get all of the programs necessary for using the course, so you will definitely be able to open the course and use it appropriately.

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