Why Should I Use Banners?

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Why Should I Use Banners?

Use of banners

Get the attraction

Let’s imagine that we want to say something important – to talk about a new discovery. Let’s say that we discovered how fruit helps the health of our teeth. ?

How would you tell everyone? First of all you need to get noticed.

Use banners

To be honest, I’ve been using the affiliate program for more than two years and, just a short time ago, discovered the banners. These are the most effective way to achieve our goal, which is to draw people’s attention.

The most convenient for us

To match a banner on our site, it is important to be aware of the size and colours. In the affiliate program there are too many choices for all tastes.

Experimenting a little, you can find one that suits you.

Video tutorial

For more information please watch the video tutorial “How to find your affiliate links”.


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