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If I own a certain course already, can I get its DVD version?

Yes, you will only pay for the DVD and delivery cost (of course you will NOT need to pay for the course again).

If you wish to use this option – please, contact our support team by clicking HERE!!.

To know which courses are available in DVD format, click HERE!

How it works?

When you contact us and please mention the following details:

1) The name of the course you already own.

2) Name and e-mail id used for purchasing the product.

3) The date of purchase.

After that we will create a discount coupon for each product to exclude the original price of the course so that you only have to pay for the DVD and delivery cost.

You will have to purchase each course separately with the discount coupon provided. 

NOTE: The price of delivery starts from only $5. The exact price and terms depend on your location. DVD shipment takes from 2 days till a few weeks. Once you select the course, you’ll need to indicate your location, and the system will show you the price of delivery. From our side, we do NOT charge you anything for a DVD. You only pay to the post (or alternative delivery company) for a DVD creation and shipping to you.


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