Lasker’s advice – 2

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First let’s recollect the task I gave you:

White’s turn.

It was the calculation task mainly. You can download the solution here:
You need to decompress the file and then use any chess program to open the game.

A lot of people study chess. However, only a little percent of players gets really good progress. I want to help you to get into this successful minority 🙂

Some time ago I received the following e-mail.

I just bought your courses. I am super excited. Thanks for creating those courses. Now I have myself a Ukrainian coach at home all the time!

Anderson (GM to be)

Of course it was a bit joke, but with my new course “Self-taught Grandmaster” this becomes closer to reality! I created a complete guide for your productive self-training. Also I included some of my teaching secrets, which I’ve never shared before. Check it out here:

Comments: 25

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  1. Hi. This task 39 looks impossible to calculate in normal available time.
    Old Fritz (version 9) spent 5 minutes 50 sec. to find the best move,
    new Rybka (v4) – 50 sec,
    new Hudini (v2) – 37 sec,
    on my average old pentium IV.
    I think that Mr. Shipman used a lot of experience and “feelings” when decided to make his move.
    Nobody should get discouraged if he have made wrong conclusion Lf6 – like I did 🙂

    BTW, you are the best chess teacher in the known universe. Big thank you.

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