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Before we move on, let me remind you that it’s the last chance NOW to get my New Course with all the bonuses, discounts and so on.

Thursday the 24th of May is the last day where my regular students can use these special circumstances.

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In the previous blog-post I wrote about the World Championship Match Anand-Gelfand. Their games were a bit boring, and we were hoping for something more exciting.

With all respect to Gelfand (who is a great player for sure), Anand should be dominating in this match. He’s a 2800 player, who has won all possible titles (in classical tournaments, rapid, blitz, matches etc). Plus he’s a universal player, and his pre-match preparation is on the highest level.

Then why were Anand’s games in this WC match a bit sluggish? Obviously his chess knowledge is still the same, but his MOTIVATION somehow went down. During the last year he played rarely and without much enthusiasm.

However, after a loss in the 7th game, Anand “became angry” and crushed Gelfand in 17 moves in their next game!

You see, motivation, enthusiasm and self-confidence are highly important for a chess player!

In order to keep your enthusiasm on the highest level, I’ll keep publishing “success stories” of my students. I have hundreds (maybe thousands) of such stories, which proves that YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

hello Igor
thanx for this new course.
i am you old student 🙂

right now, i am around 2100 elo, and still going up, which is nice.
last time we spoke i was 1800.

your work is now recognized worldwide as i can see
and it should be
it helped me a lot and still is (helping)…
best wishes


Students often ask me “Is it possible to progress as an adult?” Look at Vladimir! Many young players can only dream of +300 rating progress 🙂

Hello Mr.Smirnov,
I would like to thank you personally for your coarse.I went thur you posional understanding and GM sercret and put my knowledge to the test at the Great Lake Open in battle creek michigan this past weekend.

The result can be seen on Westmichiganchess site.I place first in the under 1700 class.I raised my rating over 70 points.

I trying to get to the master level before i get to old.I feel with your coasre in hand i will be able to accomplish this task.


By the way, I do NOT even publish the most successful stories. For instance, I have a student who gained +700 rating points after studying my course! Although it’s true (and can be verified on the FIDE website), it sounds unbelievable. 🙂 That’s why I often select AVERAGE success stories. Such results are definitely achievable for you as well!

One of my bigest weakness as a chess player is that I cannot calculate well the variations. I had noticed many times in my games, analyzing them with the computer, that I have lost many opportunities to give the final blow.

I know many theoritician chess players who can easily give new thoeries, but even they can’t apply it in practice.
Through this course (Calc. till mate) I learned all the practical tips and I can easily apply them in my games!

Now I should go because i have to continue my study … I want to perfect all my new weapons, and beet everybody!

Kesaris Aggelos (Greece)

Being a bit of a modest person, Aggelos hasn’t mentioned his recent successes. Just few days ago he won a local tournament (you can see a photo of him with the winner trophy)! Our hearty congratulations to you, Aggelos!

Thank you so much for helping me get my new calc till mate course.
I have bought a lot of training tools etc.. But this is the best
course material I have ever seen. Please keep creating great training
courses !

Thanks again !

These stories are endless 🙂 but let’s stop here. You can read success stories of many other people in the comments of this blog.


Thursday the 24th of May is the LAST chance to grab the new course “Calculate Till Mate” at a discounted price + get 4 huge BONUSES for free! You can read the special offer for my regular students here: LINK

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Comments: 80

Comments 24

  1. Igor Sir, What I have found that the bonuses with your new course “Calculate Till mate” are a separate course in themselves. They are quite advanced and nicely presented especially the one hour video analysis of Mammaderov game. I loved all the bonus lessons as well.

    1. That’s great! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂
      P.S. Yes, the bonuses are highly valuable by themselves. Maybe in the future I’ll remove them from the course and will start selling them separately. That’s why it’s better to purchase the course now…

  2. I’m very interested in this course. It’s a pity my budget can’t afford it 🙁
    Anyway, thx for the free lessons, my thinking about chess has changed with your insights.

    1. Well, well … I hadn’t seen the video in which GM Smirnov talks about the course. After I watched the video I rearranged some things on my budget and bought not only the “Calculate Till Mate”, but also the “GM secrets” and the “GM Positional Understanding” (they were offered with a discount for those who bouth the Calc Till Mate course).

      What I can say is that the first and second lessons already taught me things I never considered doing while calculating moves in a chess game. It is my intention to keep posting about the course I’m studying now (Calculate Till Mate) and also about the other ones I bought.

      I hope GM Smirnov teachings work as efficiently as his power of making someone buy his courses; because in my case it did work like unavoidable mate.


  3. It’s very nice what people write in their successstories. Nevertheless, I think we should be a bit realistic.
    For example Kesaris Aggelos has written about his learnning of practical tips for calculating. The course ‘calculate till mate’ is 3 days old and Kesaris writes as he had already finished studying the course and as he already applies the ideas in his own games. I can’t believe that. To really digest this material you certainly need at least several weeks, if not several months.
    I also find strange that Igor Smirnov writes about the one student wo gained 700 FIDE rating points after studying one of his courses. Eventhough he writes it’s possible to check this on the fide-website, he doesn’t want to tell us the name of this student.

    I don’t want to say that Igor Smirnov’s courses doesn’t bring anything. Quite the contrary. I think his approach to build ‘a system of thinking during a chessgame’ is very good and I personally really like it. What I have see so far of the course ‘calculate till mate’ is very instructive and brings much more than simply improving your calculation skills.
    What I want to say with this post is that we should read this successstories with some criticism in mind. If somebody writes that he gained 70 rating points in the last tournament we do not know why he gained this points. I know a lot of chessplayers who doesn’t have Smirnov’s courses, but who make fast progress anyway.

    1. If u not know , GM igor smirnov then slow down, till mate is not 3 days out much much longer , It came first out for his good friens and private students 🙂

  4. I am a 1600 player with little spare time, It seems that much of the work is too advanced for me at the moment, please advise where to start with these courses for someone my level.
    [email protected]

    1. Hello

      If you have not studied our GM’s Strategic courses ( GM Secrets and GM understanding ) then you are recommended to buy them first and then this.

      Thank you!

      — Moderator

  5. If you have hundrends of stories of success then it may be interesting to see a list of people with fide rating with their real name so I can look at the fide rating list to see their improvement and also their age when they start.

    Claiming that somebody improved from 1800 to 2100 without seeing some evidence in the fide rating list is not convincing.

    Showing 10 players(adults) who improved from 1800 fide rating to 2100 fide rating may be more convincing.

    I think that the improvement is also a function of the level that you start and people with lower level can improve more.

    I am going to be more impressed by improvement from 2000 to 2200 relative to improvement
    from 1700 to 2000 at the same time.

    1. 1. You can find a lot of full “success stories” (together with full names, photos and all associated details) on my main web-site
      2. In the video description of the course “Self-taught Grandmaster” I showed a lot of such stories:
      3. In other blog-posts you can find a lot of comments where people talk about their successes.
      4. If you are my old subscriber, then you should know that previously I always indicated full names of my students. However, some of them asked me not to make them known widely. That’s why now inside the blog-posts I provide only students’ names. Still you can find success stories with full details on

      We should be objective, that’s 100% right. Thus please don’t mislead people with your comments.

  6. Actually, a lot depends on how much faith one has on his coach or course as in any other game. Last year in August 2011, I could win first place in u1600 category (got US$400) of Internet Chess Club with ID jps7 (I am FIDE 1540 at present after 4 FIDE tournaments, not getting enough time to play FIDE tournaments at present) and it was possible with the course “How to beat titled players” by GM Igor Smirnov using which I could beat the players of 2000 rating and above in that 3 0 tournament. So if one has faith on GM Igor, this new course can surely increase his FIDE ratings too.

  7. yeah right. your reccomandation to Anand..i bet you can teach Kasparov as well and Magnus and many others way better than yourself. that did it .i dont have confidence in you anymore. and the new course is very expensive!!

  8. GM Igor smirnov is the 1000000000000000000 % the best chess coach ever I have seen , I’m blessed to be a student of him thankyou so so so much for anything !!! 🙂

    ps he spent all his time to us , if he not did he was now 2800 rating/elo and playing the world champion match , GM Igor smirnov understanding of the chess game is extremely high !!!!!

    1. I always buy you’re courses because it give me always a huge inprove , I will buy this course later on the normal prize , because, first wanna get a deep Positional Understanding of the chess game on an GM level , still working on the course Positional Understanding an lot repeat of the lesson’s and lot of practice , then I can go to the next stage till mate 🙂 🙂

  9. When do you recommend to study the Bonus-lecture “complete system at work” to do? After having done all the exercises, after having done a few of them (the inputs in this bonuslecture also want to be trained) or even before beginning the exercises?

    I’ve now watched all the videolessons (beside the bonuslesson) and I can only say well done! I really have the feeling that you put a lot of effort in this course (which unfortunately doesn’t go without saying for most chess book or video authors). Furthermore the videolessons are very instructive and in a very good way unique. Like you said there are no other chessauthors who focuses on the thinking process while playing/training chess. I especially liked that you combined chesstactics/calculation with strategical understanding. This is something most chess authors simply never mention eventhough it seems very important.
    The only point i thought one might criticize is that you doesn’t give any tips about how to store candidate moves or possible positions in the brain while calculation. As far as I’m concerned I have heavy problems to remember all the candidates moves (and the right order) when going deeper into a position.

    Eventhough I’m already a player above a rating of 2000 I think I will benefit a lot when I’ll do your training task and finally will be able to use your thinking system in my own games. Good job!

  10. Hello GM Smirnov & fellow students, I just purchased the new course yesterday and so far I have only had time to review the video lessons. Back in the day I learned to calculate by the Kotov method ( Think Like A Grandmaster ), however, as many writers have pointed out since, this method is not very practical. GM Kotov would have us think like a machine & try to acheive chess perfection, but, as GM Smirnov has said, chess is a practical game played under a time control. The nice thing about Smirnov’s courses is that not only does he give you a highly efficient thinking method, not only does he reduce everything to its simplest elements giving a foundation from which all other principles can be logically deduced, he also gives us thinking shortcuts in order to save time on the clock! All together, this makes for a highly efficient & extremely practical system. For those who doubt, quick rating gains and rapid progress are indeed possible. I would not be at all surprised if a person who studied the two strategic courses as well as this one could go from about 1300 or 1400 to over 1700, 1800, or even 1900. Yes, there are other ways to to quickly raise your rating, but I guarrantee it will take longer. I have examined many other methods and have found them to either be less efficient, less practical, or flawed in some way. Summing up, I am very happy with this course and I highly recommend it to serious students. I am even more happy with the bonus lessons which shows that GM Smirnov is giving more consideration to more advanced students such as myself. Thanks Teacher and keep up the good work!

  11. GM Smirnov,
    Why have you imposed such a short and artificial deadline to purchase the new course and extras? These are particularly difficult times. I’m sure your new course is worth the money, but many people find it difficult to find the cash so quickly. I may buy the course when I am ready, but I do not like presssure sales. You have not explained to my satisfaction the reason for the limited offer.

  12. GM Smirnov,
    Why have you imposed such a short and artificial deadline to purchase the new course and extras? These are particularly difficult times. I’m sure your new course is worth the money, but many people find it difficult to find the cash so quickly. I may buy the course when I am ready, but I do not like presssure sales. You have not explained to my satisfaction the reason for the limited offer.

    1. I transfer money today to my PayPal account , It will take most [email protected] days, normal prize is for me no problem , I need the course I play many times good chess learned and improve huge from you, but again again lost in the winning position 🙁

  13. Response to think-with-criticism

    Hi there,

    I am very happy that Igor let me work with him in recent months to collect games for the last course. So, the truth is that I have a very close relationship with this course in recent months …

    In addition I have studied very well all the previous courses, so I managed to get one step further; I didn’t started from the begine …

    This year I manage not to louse a single rated game. And I play with players who have better ELO than mine.

    As much as I tell you that Greece has great beaches, if not come by yourself you will not going to convince. I strongly recommend you buy the new course. 😉

    Greetings A. Kesaris

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