Launch of “Winning the Middlegame”

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Today is the day – the much-awaited course “Winning the Middlegame” is released today! 🙂 This course was born after we conducted a survey a few months ago asking about YOUR needs and suggestions for our next course.


Most students requested a course on middlegame and pawn structures. As always, we’re meeting your needs and are proud to present to you this course. It contains very powerful and instructive lessons on pawn structures, and a single system of how you should play the middlegame.


You can find more information about this new course and grab it by visiting the launch page:
Winning the middlegame

<<Go to the launch page>>


Now let’s come to the most amazing part – special offers! It’s a tradition of RCA to provide you with great offers to celebrate the release of a new product, a new book of mine or something really huge. 🙂


Special offer #1:


I’m providing everyone with a huge 30% discount on the course – this will save you about 36 USD! Use the coupon “middlegame” while making your purchase. If you don’t know how to use a discount code, please see here.
30% discountThis is a limited-period offer. The discount will only be valid from today until Sunday, 21 August (inclusive). Get “Winning the Middlegame” with this huge 30% discount by clicking the button below:
buy now

Special offer #2:


We would like to treat our regular and loyal students really specially. 🙂 Therefore, we have decided to provide the first 150 buyers of the course with my premium video “How to win a won game?” completely FREE!


To complement our new course and even to help YOU get a more winning attitude after studying it, we’re providing you with the premium video “How to win a won game?”
How to win a won game

All you need do is hurry up and purchase “Winning the Middlegame” immediately, in order to be among the first 150 buyers.


Note: we will contact the first 150 buyers as soon as we hit 150 sales, at the email address used for purchasing the course.


Additionally, I’d like to highlight a couple of important things here:


  • We have several thousand students all over the globe. So this offer will go pretty quickly – simple math. 🙂
  • Second, pre-registrants for the course were already informed (a few hours ago) about the launch and provided with a higher discount on this course. So some of our students have already purchased the course and the countdown to the first 150 buyers has already started.

countdownTherefore, you really need to be quick and purchase the course now if you want my premium video for FREE.


Note: if you have pre-registered for the course (and, by the way, congratulations on that!) but did not hear from us yet, please check your junk mail or spam folder. Sometimes our messages get caught there. And to avoid this happening, you should add our email address to your address book.


Special offer #3:


Another great offer is that we will provide “Winning the Middlegame” and “Your Winning Plan” for just $149 instead of the actual total price of $178 – you will save a huge 29 USD!


Enhance your winning skills and improve your overall strategic understanding with these two courses.


Note: click on the link to the launch page and, after you click “Order now”, you will be able to purchase this “combo offer”.

<<Go to the launch page>>


P.S. Once again, let me remind you that the 30% discount is a limited-period offer (LAST DAY is Sunday 21 August), so don’t miss it! And, by the way, you can watch the preview of the course on the launch page. 🙂
Comments: 6

Comments 6

  1. Guys, I would really love to know your feedback about the new course. I’m sure all the students would appreciate it as well. Please, write your impressions here in comments.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi.

    I have only made a first pass of the videos and haven’t started the practical section yet, but I can give my initial thoughts. I have no official rating but it would be around 1600.

    The course can be divided into 2 sections, firstly generally attacking plans and secondly pawn weakneses/strengths. Taking the second section first, I thought the teaching was very good and I learned a lot. If there is a negative it is that I initially felt like more could have been covered such as how to play closed or open positions but looking back it was probably intentional to restrict the course to the strengths and weaknesses of pawns. I do believe I now have a much better idea of how to exploit pawn weaknesses and appreciate the strengths of pawns that are considered weak.

    The first section (generally attacking plans) is outstanding and I think some of the best material Igor has produced. I have just started the +300 spurt section of Self-Taught GM and this fits very well with the attacking section. I don’t want to give away the exact details but it looks at attack from a high level such as deciding what to attack and times when it is wrong to attack.

    Overall this is an excellent course and I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who wants to improve their attacking play which is what it mainly covers. It is described as being for intermediate players but in my opinion is simple enough for beginners as well. I hope that my small criticism demonstrates that this is an honest review based on a first pass of the teaching section.

    1. HI David,
      Thank you for taking your time to write a detailed review.
      We will take into account your suggestions as well.
      Have fun doing the practical parts.

      Prasaadh | Support Officer

    2. Thank you very much for sharing your impressions, David!

      It’s really nice that the new course came just in time to supplement your current training plan.

      As you mentioned, it could be possible to include some other topics within the same course. However, I firmly believe that little amount of practical knowledge is much better than overloading a students with tons of various rules.

      Let me wish you enjoyable games and pleasant results! 🙂

  3. thanks for this great lenghty this course is??dear igor why do you don’t work with gms they are great it would be of great help if you work with them.

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