Simple & BRUTAL Way to PUNISH Scholar's Mate TRICK
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RCA’s New Course + Simple & Brutal Way to Punish Scholar’s Mate

RCA’s New Course + Simple & Brutal Way to Punish Scholar’s Mate

I’m super excited to announce the launch of our new course “Level Up Your Chess”!

Who Should Study This Course?

This course is aimed at players from an advanced beginner to an intermediate level who, like the vast majority of players, when they started in chess, progressed quickly and reached a certain level, reaching a plateau in their chess career.

Level Up Your Ches course by GM Igor Smirnov

What Can You Learn from the Course?

The course aims to answer the very common, yet hard to answer question:  How to get better than most chess players?

The course is divided into 6 sections with a total of 26 lessons and a practical part with 50 exercises. Each section by itself is enough to level up your chess. The 6 sections are:

  • The Main Way to Improve Your Chess Game
  • Opening
  • Middlegame
  • Endgame
  • How Should I Study Chess?
  • Training

Special Offers

To celebrate the launch of this new course, we’re happy to provide you with some really amazing offers till Thursday, 3 August (inclusive). You can get the course with a massive 50% discount, saving more than 50 USD. You will also get the course “Calculate Till Mate” worth 97 USD for FREE! 😊

Or you may take the combo “Level Up Your Chess” + “The GM Positional Understanding” only for 89 USD. Ad the Cherry on the Cake – Become a Positional Master while Saving Over 100 USD!

Level Up Your Ches course by GM Igor Smirnov

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The Scholar’s Mate (or the Fool’s Mate or the early queen attack) is the most disrespectful attempt of your opponents to checkmate you.

Many might think that only complete beginners would ever try this lame chess trick. However, the reality is completely different; almost 10 million players have tried the Scholar’s Mate or early queen attack. In fact, it is the second most played move by White in the opening position after 1.e4 e5.

In this video lesson, I’ll share with you a simple, yet brutal way to counter this early queen attack. And because it’s simple, you can learn this counter-trick very easily without having to spend much time memorizing different variations.

Below, you can find examples shown in the video:

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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